IIDRs Code of Ethics provides a set of guiding principles that are followed while promoting ethical standards in research and development. The Code of Ethics is predefined and well established as per International guidelines, and does not supersede any rules or agreements.

The IIDR is guided by a professional conduct governing under this Code and its members guide on Ethics in Dental Research. Adherence to the Code is basic to our professional responsibility and commitment to an ethical pursuit of knowledge. It is binding upon IIDR members to take adequate measures to discourage, prevent, and correct unethical conduct.

Statement of Principles - All members of the IIDR:

  1. 1. Act with honour and in accordance with the highest standards of professional integrity;
  2. 2. Conduct work with objectivity;
  3. 3. Communicate in an honest and responsible manner;
  4. 4. Show consideration and respect for all individuals associated with the research process;
  5. 5. Maintain appropriate standards of accuracy, reliability, candor and confidentiality in all research activities;
  6. 6. Use all resources prudently, taking into account appropriate laws and regulations.

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