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About IIDR

International Institute of Dental Research conducts professional and scientific research in the field of Dental Services, Dental Materials and Oral & Cosmetic Surgery.

IIDR is known for imparting continuing education to over 5000+ students through conferences and webinars. The Institute is spread over 3000+ sq. ft area in Mumbai, India. Its wing is dedicated to driving dental, cosmetic and oral research and development in advanced healthcare services and well-being through various findings.

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Plastic Surgery
General Dentistry


International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR)’s Implantology course is for dental practitioners who would like to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experience of treatment planning, surgical placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants. The course’s design allows you to gain experience of using dental implants and prosthodontics elements related to dental implants within a supervised environment, while treating patients through a series of hands-on exercises. You will build your knowledge through distance learning modules and study days. You will also have the opportunity to carry out a research project or literature review and prepare a dissertation.

With over 3 decades of domain knowledge in Dental Implants and being the pioneers of Implants in One Day in India, we aim to produce caring, knowledgeable and skilful practitioners who are competent in the provision of the surgical and restorative dental aspects of dental implant treatment, within the limits of the individual clinician.


International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR)'s Traumatology is a structured course that is carefully designed to support and develop a specialist, multidisciplinary understanding of all aspects of facial trauma surgery. The course is designed to develop their understanding of the subject and to apply this to their own practice.

The course teaches clinical and technical aspects for the provision of facial and ocular prostheses, orbital and skull cranioplasties and obturators. It also includes recognising oral disease, infections and skins lesions directly related to the provision of intra- and extra-oral prostheses and core teaching in all restorative disciplines.


International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR)'s course is designed to provide you with a robust understanding of scientific and clinical research basis. It will provide the necessary transferable research skills (e.g. laboratory, critical analysis and synthetic) and allow scientists to appreciate the clinical needs and requirements of the patients requiring this speciality.

The core curriculum includes burns, reconstructive plastic surgery, and provides a unique insight into the unmet needs of reconstructive patients, along with research methodologies for clinical and research data analysis skills. You can either follow a science based route with interdisciplinary subjects such as nanotechnology and regenerative medicine, biomaterials and the application of stem cells, or you can choose to focus on clinical skills modules such as advanced microsurgery, robotics skills and evidence based systematic reviews.

IIDR is one of the most prestigious medical schools in India; It is made up of award-winning industry best surgeons and oncologists and researchers.


International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR)'s General Dentistry course is structured to provide diagnosis, treatment planning, and dental care instruction, as well as experiences in dental implants and all areas of general dentistry. The course curriculum also includes didactic courses in oral medicine, and conscious sedation to enhance and support the clinical experiences.

The course is designed to deliver comprehensive patient centric care for all patients, including those with complex and special needs. It provides a broad range of experiences in the field of dentistry and the principles of professional ethics as they further advance their clinical skills. In this professional and collaborative environment, the course builds strong leaders and encourages the continuous pursuit of knowledge. Upon completion of the course, the participants will have the ability to deliver high quality patient-centered comprehensive care in their careers.