About Us

IIDR conducts professional and scientific research in the field of Dental Services, Dental Materials and Oral & Cosmetic Surgery. The International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR) is a research organization spread over 3000+ sq. ft area in Mumbai, India. Its wing is dedicated to driving dental, cosmetic and oral research to advanced health and well-being through various findings.

Misssion & Vision


To drive enhanced dental, cosmetic and oral research services for healthy well-being.


To discover advancements in dental, cosmetic and oral health solutions for enhancing well-being of society.

Our Values


IIDR values improved health and well-being for all people, by proactively doing research across disciplines to developing insights that will create excellence in its services.


IIDR fosters quality in conducting the highest possible levels of innovation in research, from findings in medical materials to its clinical implementations.


IIDR not only creates and preserves healthy and functional smiles, but also inspires the community to contribute for value addition.

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